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How fast can I run a 1/2 Marathon or Marathon?

One of the challenges for most runners as they begin to run longer races is the simple question of ‘How fast can I run a [blank….you enter the distance]” A question that we have all asked ourselves.

I have found the answer to be provided by McMillan Running’s pace calculator. Over the years I have found it to incredible accurate.  There are always outliers but for most us it works very well.  So, how does it work?

Enter the time for a recent race. If you ran as hard as you could it will be more accurate and the pace calculator will project what  race time is achievable over every other distance. The caveat, of course, is that you must train properly for that distance.

In the example below, I entered a 5K time of 21:50 and the calculator project race times for all other distances.

It is a great resource and I, personally, have found it to be very accurate.

Try it out, and if you like it there is an app that you can download for your phone.



McMillan Running

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