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Trail Run, MTB and /or Fat Bike; or all 3! At the Wicked Nor’ Eastah

26386Presented by Spark BRS, Rock Hard Racing, and Team Spark

The Wicked Nor’Eastah is the first local winter race of its kind which is fitting since we hold it at Borderland; where no mountain bike race has gone before.  This event focuses on fat bikes but also allows traditional mountain bikes.  There is also a trail running race.  It’s cold, challenging, and cold.  This event is all that is New England.


Sun 5th Feb, 2017


DCR Borderland State Park 259 Massapoag Avenue, North Easton, MA  02356

But It’s February….

We know that many of you take the winter off from racing to train and ready yourself for Spring.  But dammit the winter is cold and boring and you can only take so much of the trainer or the treadmill.  This is a great way to start Super Bowl Sunday and if nothing else is a great reason to munch on nachos later.

And It’s Borderland…
Right?!?  When was the last time there was a mountain bike race at Borderland, besides last year when we pulled off the impossible and made this happen?  There are plenty of running races but not on these trails.  Borderland offers a little bit of everything if you know your way around.  It is also one of the most used DCR Parks thanks to its ample parking and popular carriage roads.  When it snows it gets even busier.  This is a special chance for us to run a responsible event and coexist with the recreational trail users.  Don’t let us down!  We plan to use a little bit of everything from Bob’s Trail to the Pond Walk which will give this course something for everyone.

The Course
This isn’t the groomed snowmobile trail kind of winter race…except, you know….last year when we tried to groom it.  For you mountain bikers; this is a real mountain bike race on real mountain bike trails (except, you know…last year).  For you trail runners; this is not your local 5k.

The Short Version:  Go fast, shred the gnar, go fast, shred the gnar, go fast, say hi to Bob, go fast, climb the hill, finish.

The Long Version:  Consult the map via pdf, Garmin, or Strava.  Then ride it and smile!

The weather in February is unpredictable but we can predict one thing; it will be cold AF.  This race will happen during anything less than an actual Nor’Easter or insane blizzard.  If you sign up be prepared to HTFU.  There is no such blasphemy as a “snow date” or a “rain date”.

Last year Blizzard Juno almost cancelled this thing and we had to fight for it.  The result was some course adjustments and a bunch of fun.  The plan is simple, we have a course that we can run in 4″ or less of snow.  If it’s any deeper than that we can adjust to our “Juno Plan” and pack down an alternate course.  With more than 4″ of snow there will be no skinny bike racing as they destroy the race course.

The Running Race
Times will be slower than normal thanks to the challenging Borderland terrain and hopefully the snow.  Please let it snow!  It will be cold but it will be fun.  We’re not about those paved races with silly exact distances….well except for this one mile thing we do at Christmas.

The Fatbike Race
A fatbike is the perfect weapon for winter, especially if it snows.  Over the last few years fatbike popularity has exploded but there hasn’t been a dedicated local race, (except for this one that we put on last year).  If you don’t own one but want to try it borrow one from a friend.  Who has a friend with a fat bike that doesn’t want to do this?  Punch that friend in the neck after you borrow their bike.  AFTER you borrow their bike.

What About Regular Bikes?
We will have a race for skinny tire mountain bikes if the day comes and there is no snow, or so little snow that they won’t wreck the event.  This course is fun any time of year.  Please consider renting and racing a Fatbike though if you’ve never tried one!

What If I Want To Do Everything?



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