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Former World Record Marathon Holder, Steve Jones, To Run Narragansett Bay 1/2 Marathon

Away back in the day when I started running competitively in Scotland,  as pretty average  C+ club runner, I ran my fastest times between 1984 and 1987, during that period the best runners in the world were British.

Two of running world’s British ‘rock stars’ were Geoff Smith, two-time winner of the Boston Marathon, and Steve Jones, marathon world record holder and winner of multiple major marathons. It was the golden years for British athletics both in long distance and middle distance ( Ovett, Coe, Cram etc. for those with long memories)

geoff smith and steve jones
Photo Credit: Scott Mason

Fast forward to today: Geoff is the co-race director of the ‘Narragansett Bay Half Marathon & 5k’  and the other half of the race directorship duo is Charlie Breagy, who was no slouch himself, Charlie was a stand-out while at Providence College.

Geoff and Steve Jones competed against each other often at the peak of their careers each running sub-2:10 marathons and on May 28th they will toe the line with 1,000s of other runners to run along Narragansett Bay sharing war stories and motivating all around them.

It is worth taking a closer look at the racing highlights of these great athletes:

Steve Jones:

  • 1983 World Championships, 10,000M, 28:15:03
  • 1984 Chicago Marathon, 1stplace, 2:08:05
  • 1985 London Marathon, 1st place, 2:08:16
  • 1985 Chicago Marathon, 1st place, 2:07:13
  • 1987 Boston Marathon, 2nd place, 2:12:37
  • 1988 NYC Marathon, 1st place, 2:08:20
  • 1992 Toronto Marathon, 1st place, 2:10:06

Marathon world record holder from 10/21/84 to 4/20/85

Video of Steve breaking the marathon World record…

Geoff Smith:

  • 1984 Olympic Games 10,000M, 30:00.01
  • 1983 NYC Marathon, 2nd place, 2:09:08
  • 1984 Boston Marathon, 1st place, 2:10:34
  • 1985 Boston Marathon, 1st place, 2:14:05

If you would like to add to your ½ Marathon experience by sharing it with a couple of the best distance runners ever to lace up a pair of running shoes, then get yourself along to Pierce Athletic Complex at 7:00 am on May 28th.


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