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When not running, biking or swimming George is a digital marketer specializing in social media marketing, web design and consultancy work www.WebStrategicMarketing.com; and, a full-service photographer who specializes in wedding photography, product photography, website photography, sports and portrait photography www.GeorgeRossPhotography.com. He is located in Richmond, Rhode Island...call 401.284.6106

The Finer Points of Dry Needling

Dry Needling, OrthoCore, North Kingstown

Does this sound familiar to you? “There’s that pain again, but I have to go for a run. It only hurts a little bit, so I should be okay.” Then you leave for your run and it starts hurting around the first mile. With each step, you have an inner …

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Wanna Race For Free Every Wednesday? URI Run for Fun

URI Run for Fun, Sponsored by South County YMCA    More than 40 years running!   Every Wednesday from May 31 st thru August 23rd,rain or shine.FREE   1-3-5 miles,starts at 6:30 PM Location URI Mackal/Tootell Athletic Complex. 1 mile warm up starts at 6:30 PM,choice of 3-5 mile courses, …

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